First Wedding of Summer 2015!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful couple on their big day!  On Saturday, June 6th 2015- Brad and Brooke FINALLY tied the knot, after 7 years of being together! 

The day started off like any regular wedding for me, bride and groom preparation.  But, something was different this time... Maybe it was the fact that I had the most BEAUTIFUL dress ever in front of my camera, or the fact that I was "mooned" by a groomsman?!  Either way... the sun was shining and so were everyones smiles.  We all knew it was going to be a great day.


After everyone was dressed and ready to hit the roads... we decided to make a pit stop at one of the old train tracks on Crosstown Road.  At first, I was a little sceptical. "Do they know this is illegal? Should I tell them that this is illegal? This is illegal even if it's a wedding right? Guys, this is so illegal"...these were all thoughts going through my head as I'm being asked to shoot their 'First Look' photos on the train tracks.  Surely enough, within 5 minutes of being there, a police car shows up!  Thankfully, he understood and wished the happy couple the best of luck!  As Brooke and I continued down the tracks, it was time!  Brad had arrived and was ready to see his beautiful bride for the first time.  With Brooke facing North, Brad walked down the tracks grinning ear to ear!


Before we knew it- it was already 3:00pm!  It was time to make our way to The Herb Garden, for the ceremony and reception.  As we're ready to pile into our chariots, we hear: "BUT WAIT!".  Wait for what? Is there another police car? Nope...better...a bouncy castle.  Before I know it I'm standing infront of a blown up bouncy slide photographing the wedding party sliding down it!  One for the books- of course!


Shooting at The Herb Garden was an amazing experience!  It was my first time shooting at this gorgeous Almonte venue and I hope to be there again in 2016!  Everything at the venue was beautiful.  From the food, to the table cloths, to the signs.  The whole venue was spread with love and vintage signs.  As the day progressed, Brooke's parents walked her down the isle towards her new husband and they shared a short and sweet ceremony with their amazing wedding party by their sides.

Now...time for the fun part! Bridal photos!  We started the evening off with photographing the new bride and groom as their combined, following with fun bridal photos in the venues field!  Though we did try to stay as professional as possible, we did end up with some goofy poses and funny memories! I'm so glad that we had enough time scheduled to cover Brad's immediate family of 86 with enough time for the bridal party to run around in the field! (Basically what happened!)

Wait, I actually lied in that last part. NOW- time for the best part of the day!  Supper!  Dinner was served by a local company that delivered a buffet table with a massive selection of Gluten Free plates- lucky me!! During dinner, the most amazing speeches that I have ever heard were given by the friends and family of Brad & Brooke.  When I say most amazing speeches- I mean it!  Now, yes, I am known to shed a tear or 20 at every wedding I go to... but these brothers had not just me, but the whole room BAWLING!  It was so touching to be able to feel the amount of love in that room.  Brooke and Brad are so blessed to be able to call you all family!

After the wonderful dinner, we continued to snap a few more bridal photos and made our way into the barn that was lit up with the cutest lights and filled with wonderful guests!  Brad and Brooke are truly an amazing couple and I'm so glad that I was able to spend the day with the two of them and their family.  I wish you both the best of luck in the future and hey...maybe some maternity photos in the near future?!


Brooke & Brad: June 6th, 2015!  1/24 

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