Taylor + Jordan


When I was first introduced to Taylor and Jordan, it was actually over Instagram! She was one of the first 2019 brides I had booked since she was so eager to get planning her dream day! After a few emails back and fourth as to where to photograph their engagement session, Taylor came to the conclusion that she wanted something different. I didn’t want to them to a location I was at often, no matter how much of a fan favourite they were. I finally decided to email her, and suggest my back yard. What? Who am I to recommend MY backyard?! She rolled with it, and I’m so glad she did!

Our session started off in one of the fields across from my house, it was a bright sunny afternoon and Jordan was a total champ ;) Afterwards, we headed to the beach to finish off in the summer sunset!

In my opinion, they have one of the best stories. That first freaking date. After Taylor had caught Jordan’s eye while working at Diary Queen years ago, Jordan got up the nerve to send her a message via Facebook! She was just as interested, and agreed to that first date. That first freaking date. They agreed to check out the local mall, and then a movie afterwards -- super typical, right? When they returned to the car, they realized their phones were stolen from Jordan’s car!!

After receiving her GORGEOUS engagement ring years later, I’m sure she’s learned to forgive him ;)

So excited for August 2019!

Chelsea MasonComment