Please fill out the following form and return it back to me one month prior to your wedding! This list may seem extensive, but it will help me prepare for your big day and do everything I can to make it flow perfectly. Thank You! 



1. Make sure there is natural light in the room where the bride will be getting ready (window light). This makes a WORLD of difference in your images! I promise!
2. If possible, try to have all bridal details together before the photographer arrives. (Dress, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, garter, veil, etc) this will make the detail shots more efficient! 
3. Keep the area near the window free of trash, bags, snacks, etc. this will be where the bride will be putting on her dress! (We don’t need any Aquafina bottles in our bridal portraits:).
4. Allow more time than you think you need to get ready! It’s better to be safe than RUSHED!
5. Relax and have fun! You’re getting MARRIED!! 


Please have the following items ready for me during the morning of your wedding. These are the items that I will spend time styling!

-Shoes and Wedding Rings {his+hers!}
-Jewelry {earrings, necklace, etc}
-Invitation Suite {save the date, envelope, wedding invite, meal card, rsvp card, etc} If you can bring TWO set that would be fabbb!!
-Bridal Hanger {It doesn't have to be pretty! Just a wooden hanger for your dress and bridesmaids, as the plastic ones don't photograph nicely. Please make sure the heads of the hangers can twist in order to have up!}
-Bridal Bouquet
-your vows written on a pretty paper! {The Lovely Lettering Co can help you with this!}

**I recommend you write a short love note for each other and read during the preparation portion of the day, as those emotions make for excellent photographs!**

Below you will find a typical, recommended schedule! These are the MINIMUM times that should be towards certain parts of your day. Please let me know if you need help creating yours.

Bridal Preparation- 2 hours
Groom Prep- 30 minutes {happens the same time as bridal prep with second photographer}
First Look- 5-15 minutes
Family Formals- 30 minutes
Bridal Party Portraits- 30 minutes
Bride + Groom Portraits- 30 minutes
Reception- 2-4 hours
Sunset Bride + Groom session- 5 minutes

**I like arriving 15-30 minutes early to your ceremony to photograph details before guests are seated!**

Brides Full Name {bonus points for Instagram username} *
Brides Full Name {bonus points for Instagram username}
Grooms Full Name
Grooms Full Name
Ceremony Start Time
Ceremony Start Time
Reception Start Time? {When you enter for grand entrance}
Reception Start Time? {When you enter for grand entrance}
*Its recommended that we be served at the same time as you, so we can sneak off for a sunset session after dinner*