2017 Engagement Sessions || Best of!

What. A. Season. My favourite part about an engagement season, is introducing you to next years brides!  The 2017 engagement season has come and gone, and I can honestly say I'm missing it already. There was sweet summery sunsets, winter snuggles and lots of WINE. Out of the 120+ sessions I had in 2017, 72 of them were engagement sessions and I'm so excited to share my fave photos with you below <3


Just like a girls engagement ring, NO session is the same! I could shoot at the same location every day and every couple would put their own sweet little twist on it.  

Some couples had horses...


Others brought their surfboards!


Some brought guns...and hung their hubs by their toes!


But my favourite prop of all... puppies. And lots of them.

Most of them were intentionally... but some weren't! {worlds cutest photo bombers, right?!}

Some lovebirds laughed over hot cocoa on the canal!


Some over a cold brew from Mill Street Pub


and yes... I even snuck in a little campfire snugglin'


and we even popped some champagne, more than once! 


It doesn't matter what season it is, it's ALWAYS a good time for your engagement session!!

After winter comes Spring...which means helllloooo cherry blossoms! 

Your sweet, sweet summertime :) 

and the season we wait ALL YEAR FOR. The most wonderful time of the year, FALL!

Lets take five and enjoy a few faves throughout the year <3

It wouldn't be an engagement session without the reason we're all here.. THE DIAMOND! Girl, I put that Sh*t on everything {que old lady from hot sauce commercial?}.  From scarves, to truck doors, leaves, skates and to corn. Corn? Yep! Wouldn't be a farm engagement session without your ring hanging from a corn stalk! 

Theres no right answer as to WHERE you should have your engagement session! It should be somewhere that's personal to you, somewhere your hubby can feel relaxed... or heck, even my backyard.  I'm a people based photographer, so as long as YOU'RE there, we'll make magic! 


We could be downtown Ottawa


at the beach! because a flowy dress may not be your thing


Hang at the baseball stadium ... my fave session of the year!


Or even have your session on a BOAT!


The best location though? A field. Give me a field to frolic in and that dreamy golden hour sunset!

I love how these were taken at THE SAME location, but different times of the year! The Mill of Kintail is beautiful no matter when :)


2017 kisses we're cuter + full of laugher! We were smoochin' in bars, barns, trucks, boats and beaches!

In 2017 we danced in rivers, fields + beaches <3 

we grabbed hands.. and butts!


I'm going to stop here, because if I don't, I never will! I had such an amazing time with ALL of my clients this season and CANNOT wait for their big days in 2018!! <3 To complete this review, a photo of my FIRST session of 2017 and my LAST session of 2017 :)



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