162 Grooms Later....

Leave it to the wedding photographer to blog her wedding A MONTH afterwards!  Jeremy and I have been loving our new lives together as husband and wife, and because of todays rainy day - our wedding has been blogged <3

On December 5th, 2016 Jeremy got down on one knee in our corner lot town home and asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.  Without a doubt, I said yes! Within one short month, everything was signed, sealed + delivered.  Photographer, booked. Venue, booked. Hair + makeup, booked. We had confirmed our wedding date and started to dream about September 15, 2018.

Fast forward six months later... a positive pregnancy test. June 2017. As excited as we were, I had a slight worry in the back of my mind. My wedding dress. So we’re going to have a baby in Feb 2018, and get married eight months later? I can handle that {little did I know I was going to have more like 8 weeks!}. 

Fast forward another five months later... January 2018.  Engaged for 13 months, 8 months pregnant, and wedding day just over 8 months away. Freak out mode, level 10. I was so overwhelmed and totally over planning a wedding. I just wanted to marry Jeremy, have our baby and live happily ever after! With this, we decided to elope…in four months. Yep, my amazing planner planned our elopement in just four months - as I was busy being a new mom!

April 20 2018, we're in Antigua. We're married, and just had the absolute best day of our lives! 

We are so thankful for the love + support we’ve received from our families since the day we met, and couldn’t imagine celebrating without them! We surprised our families by telling them to pack their bags, as we’ve just booked everyone a trip to Antigua where we were also planning an elopement!

The morning started off like no other, breakfast + smoothies at Coco’s restaurant! After lunch, Syd, mom, Melissa + myself headed to the spa where we were pampered with hair + makeup! After our hair and makeup was completed, the nerves started to kick in for the first time. I wasn’t nervous about the ceremony, the personal vows or the decor - but the zipper on that frigging dress. I was just 10 weeks post partum but thankful for the 6AM gym visits I had been committed to!

3PM, ceremony in an hour. Time to get Mr Bentley dressed in his pink dress shirt + bowtie, practice the vows one more time and put on the final touches! 

The rest of the day went perfectly. Better than we could have imagined! The sun was shining and the temperature was 30+ degrees.  I don’t think Jeremy stuttered on his vows once, and our photographs turned out amazing! We ended the evening with a private beach dinner, just the 12 of us <3

Thank you to my amazing vendors, family, son + husband for giving me the {second} best day of my life. Being a wedding photographer who has done 160+ weddings, it was hard for me to picture a wedding day like no other. I’m so happy to of had such a different wedding and felt like the most beautiful bride in the world.  We couldn’t of asked for a better day and am so excited to finally share it with you <3 


Planner: Diamonds Wedding Planners

Photographer: Laura Kelly Photography

Venue: St James Club, Antigua

Dress: With Love Bridal

Suit: Morris Formalwear

Decor: Amy + Jen

Bridal Accessories: Sarah Walsh Bridal

Shoes: Modern Crochet Club

Stationary: Hashtag Paper & The Lovely Lettering Co

Lashes: Magnolia Lash

Hair + Makeup: St James Club Spa