Portrait Session with Harleigh & Nic

Harleigh & Nic: Merrickville Ruins

April 20th, 2016

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing such a beautiful couple, Harleigh & Nic!  The two met each other in 2011 and started dating less than two years later.  They're now sharing a home in Lombardy with their adorable little fur baby!  

Since this was their first time behind the camera together, we decided to host their session at the ruins in Merrickville, so they could have a quiet surrounding with beautiful landmarks.  When I found out this was their first time posing for the camera, I didn't believe it! They posed and complimented each other so well.

We started off down in the ruins where the sun shone perfectly behind Harleigh's braid, giving her hair a beautiful glow. As we headed towards the town, I had them stop right away! There was a stone building that had a beautiful blue door, how could we pass by that!  The couple crossed the intersection which lead us outside of a candy shop, where they took a break on the bench outside of it.  To finish off our session, they watched the sun set against the Rideau lake.

Editing this session was actually quite enjoyable as the couple photographed so well together! Haleigh & Nic are such a great fit and you can really tell that throughout their images :-) 

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