Last Wedding of The 2017 Winter Season!

I am fortunate enough to get to know so many amazing couples each season I work as an Ottawa wedding photographer, and Rob and Mike are no exception! I knew from their matching bowties and Toms at their engagement session that their wedding was going to be incredible, but it even surpassed my expectations! I’m telling you, this Canal Ritz wedding was one for the books!


Mike and Rob met through their mutual friends, who ended up being their bridal party at the wedding (how cool is that?!), and had their first date on April 23rd. It’s no coincidence that they decided to get married on an April 23rd; they wanted to celebrate their anniversary of their first date (and now wedding!) every year, and Rob said he didn’t want to have to remember another date, so it was a win-win. The couple got ready at the Novetel Hotel in downtown Ottawa, and we had such a great time doing their portraits at Chateau Laurier and Majors Hill Park. The chateau added such a magical element to the wedding; with its regal vibes, it made the pair look like they were straight out of a wedding magazine!


I just could go on and on about how everything aligned perfectly for their big day, as well. It’s normally so cold in Ottawa in April, but on their wedding day, it was 23 degrees and so much greener than in past years! It’s like the day was ordered up perfectly just for them. The ceremony and reception at Canal Ritz, which runs right up against the Rideau Canal, was so joy-filled. It was so incredible to be part of it because you could just feel Mike and Rob’s love for one another, and their friends and family were so happy for them! The food was delicious, and there were so many personal touches tied into the wedding that reflected their personalities and unique love. For their party favours, they made mixed tapes for everyone—songs for road trips, to show their love for travel, and sweet love songs that made them think of each other! I don’t think it gets much better than this!