A Mountain Top Wedding

In August of 2014, I received an email that changed my career.  

"Hi Chelsea!  My name is Vanessa and I'm contacting you from Edmonton, Alberta.  I understand if this isn't something that you do, but I'm looking for a photographer to photograph my wedding in Banff in February of 2015."  

There was more information in the email, but that was all I had to read before I was already emailing her back!  YES.  Yes, I would love to fly across Canada and photograph your wedding in the gorgeous mountain surrounded town.



6 months later, there I was, flying to Alberta.  The wedding started off like any other day.  We headed to the salon for the bride and her bridesmaids to be treated like princesses!  After that, Vanessa and I headed back to her gorgeous condo, that over looked the mountains of Canmore.  Before we knew it, it was time.  It was time for Vanessa to go meet Shane in Banff, while he was turned around ready to see her for the first time that day.  



The moment was here!  As Shane faced North, Vanessa was approaching him wearing the beautiful pearl necklace he had surprised her with, as her "morning of" gift (that she may or may not of already peaked at a week earlier!).  After Shane saw his beautiful bride for the first time, we headed a little higher up the mountain where their friends and family were waiting to applaud them!  We quickly defeated the cold and captured fun friends and family shots!


The ceremony reception took place the Iron Goat, which is an artistic restaurant that also acts as a wedding venue!  The short ceremony was held outside, facing The Sister Mountain.  When the ceremony had come to an end, the guests head inside where they were treated to hot chocolate and fondue from the wonderful staff members.  Once everyone had found their seats, the bride and groom surprised their friends and family by presenting their first dance as bride and groom!


Shooting my first wedding out of Ottawa was not only an amazing experience for me, but an eye opener.  I realized that I was ready to take my photography to the next level by photographing weddings in other countries.  Even if that meant I had to eat Elk at the dinner!  It was during this experience that I fell in love with the West and decided to offer destination weddings to my services!


Chelsea <3

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